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Monkeycup at Penang Hill


From the Star, Thursday February 2, 2012:

A cuppa for monkeys

STEP into a tranquil habitat and be mesmerised by lush greenery with a profusion of pitcher plants in the first Nepenthes Garden in West Malaysia.

Known as MonkeyCup @ Penang Hill, this home to a collection of more than 100 varieties of carnivorous plants that come in different shapes and sizes, is located about 1.5km from the Penang Hill top station.

Its founder-cum-manager Eric Leong, 47, said visitors would be able to feast their eyes on the various Nepenthes surrounded by blooming flowers amidst the mossy earth in the 0.6ha garden.

“The carnivorous plants are mostly from South-East Asia, which includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, and India. There are also Sarracenia from North America,” he told reporters after a tour around the lush greenery recently. more at The Star Here

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