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Revisiting traditional cafés in George Town

Toh Soon Cafe Penang

Revisiting traditional cafés in George Town that have stood the test of time - By Opalyn Mok; The Malay Mail Online

GEORGE TOWN, June 14 — From the way new cafés are popping up all over

the city, it is clear the in thing to do is hang out at some artisanal café that

serves a good cuppa, take pictures of the decor and cakes and post on

social media with the free WiFi. George Town has become a hotbed of new

cafés; some are hip and trendy, some are unique and some are small and

humble. But none of these new and mostly air-conditioned places can

replace the vibrant roadside “café” stalls that used to be, and still are, the

favourite haunt for people from all walks of life, ages and races. .......... read more at malaymailonline

Cafe listed:

  • Burmah Road (Under a tree); GPS: 5.420152,100.32586; Time: 6.30am - 4.30pm
  • Mansoor Halia Café, Union Street; GPS: 5.418728, 100.342908; Time: 7am-7pm
  • Lorong Susu, George Town; GPS: 5.415784, 100.324407; Time: 7am-5pm
  • Kedai Kopi Ali, Jalan Lunas, off Burmah Road; GPS: 5.427041,100.316771; Time: 24 hours
  • Toh Soon Café, Campbell Street, George Town; GPS: 5.418852,100.332117; Time: 7am-5pm


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