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2019 George Town Festival

George Town Festival 2019
13-28 July 2019
George Town Festival this year, embodies the idea of making arts accessible to all, regardless of age or background. From traditional auditoriums to halls, shophouse walls, historic buildings, cafes and kopitiams (traditional coffee shops), a vast amount of visual art, theatre, music, dance, comedy, film, photography and more........
The Festival will start with – ‘When Night Falls’, a two-day event which will bring together an eclectic array of illuminated artworks from across the globe. .......
 The second weekend with the theme ‘Art in the City’ will bring visitors shuttle through the diversity and transition of various arts aspects in George Town World Heritage Site.
 The grand finale of George Town Festival 2019, ‘The Extravaganza’ will cast all the artists from local and overseas in performing arts ranging from contemporary, traditional to novelty performances to form an enormous art bash that worth a universal celebration. ...................................
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